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Business Meeting
Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this review form. We recognize that each of us contributes different valuable knowledge, skills, and abilities as well as work styles and personalities to this Firm.  However, we also recognize that each of us has areas that we can improve.  The purpose of this review is to allow us to recognize these areas.  

Any feedback provided below will be combined with other feedback and provided as much as humanly possible as anonymous aggregated feedback to the attorney/staff.  However, we recognize this is not always possible, because we are also asking for examples so that feedback can be more constructive.  Nonetheless, we ask you to be as frank as possible, and to word any review in the manner you would like to receive a review.  Upon receiving aggregated feedback, we also ask you to receive any input with as open a mind as possible.  Thank you.    
1) Timeliness: The attorney scheduled a meeting, prepared a draft, and filed the application in a timely manner.
2) Aptitude: The work product showed a good understanding of the innovation, technology, and/or business.
3) Completeness: The application was well written and did not require many edits or additions.
4) Professionalism: The attorney communicated in a clear, courteous, and respectful manner.
5) Added Value: The attorney went above and beyond by coming up with additional potential variations and implementations to the invention.
6) Overall: I would work with the attorney again and recommend the firm to others.

Your form has been submitted. We appreciate your valuable feedback!

Peer Review

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