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“I have worked with many different intellectual property law firms and your firm is by far the best firm I have ever worked with.  You are responsive, timely, and provide the highest quality work product because you devote the time and have the talent to truly understand our business and technology.”

Dr. A. K. Pradeep, CEO/Founder, MachineVantage, Brainguard, NeuroFocus (acquired by The Nielsen Company), BoardVantage (acquired by NASDAQ)

“I have reviewed many, many patents in my career and your work product is truly excellent."

Alan Moskowitz, CEO/Founding Team, Fayble Inc., ConnecTV, Tivo (acquired by Rovi)

“I have relied on Kwan & Olynick LLP to protect inventions in particularly challenging technology areas and combined with their knowledge of IP, they have done an exceptional job with developing our valuable patent portfolio.”

Michelle Fisher, CEO/Founder, BlazeMobile Inc. 

"You and your team have been awesome IP partners for years.  Great standards of quality, excellence, and timeliness.  Thank you for a great partnership."

Murli Thirumale, CEO/Founder Ocarina Networks (acquired by Dell) and CEO/Founder Portworx Inc. (acquired by PureStorage)

“I enjoy working with your team because you listen and communicate well, are responsive, and prepare excellent work product while keeping our inventors happy.”

Kevin Coakley, CEO/Co-Founder, CelLink Corporation

"Kwan & Olynick guided us through our first successful start-up to acquisition by providing outstanding technological and legal IP input needed to develop a portfolio of over 60 patents.  They are guiding us through the IP work of our most recent venture with the same level of stellar service.”

Robert T. Knight, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience (UC Berkeley) and Neurology and Neurosurgery (UC San Francisco)

Advenira, Inc.

Arx Pax Labs, Inc.

Baidu Inc.

The Boeing Company

Creative Labs, Inc.

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

Dell Inc.

The Walt Disney Company

DoorDash, Inc.

Fyusion, Inc.

Intermolecular, Inc.

KLA Tencor Corporation

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories

Portworx, Inc.

Reel Solar, Inc., Inc.

The Regents of the University of California 

RGB Spectrum, Inc.

and other emerging companies and entities.

Representative Clients
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