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Pro Bono

In an ideal world, entrepreneurs who develop ideas that help the less fortunate, disabled, or mentally or physically ill would be well funded and compensated. In some cases, this is true. However, we recognize that many good ideas that are valuable to humanity are not developed because they may not be viable business ideas. Some of these ideas may involve assistive technologies for the elderly, life improving treatments for rare diseases or conditions, or technologies that combat physical or mental illness. While prominent conditions like heart disease may attract a lot of funding and attention from businesses and investors, a variety of less common conditions like macular degeneration may be just as or more debilitating for those afflicted but may attract far less business interest and funding.



Many good ideas are not business viable simply because the people in the target market are not financially wealthy or are relatively few in number.


We believe many ideas are deserving simply because they improve the human condition. Our goal is to take at least some of the ideas that help people but are not necessarily business viable and turn them into business viable ideas by removing the cost of intellectual property legal services from the funding equation. If we evaluate your idea and it qualifies, we will provide you with free intellectual property legal services to help you in the development of your idea. It is our small way of giving back and helping those less fortunate. 

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