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11/1/2016 - In celebration of our firm’s 5 year anniversary, I wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who are making this possible. When I left my previous law firm five years ago to start a solo practice, I did not imagine being able to bring together such an amazing group of attorneys, paralegals, and staff. The economic pressure has been towards outsourcing, but we tried onshoring instead and found incredible talent in lower cost areas within the US. This firm would not be possible without the amazing contributions of our 15 full-time employees living in California and South Dakota. We would not have survived without the support of our mentors, friends, and family members, and we would not be where we are today without the incredible loyalty of our clients, including many that have grown with us over the past 5 years and some that have been with us well before even that. Although we are nowhere near the best firm in profitability, we strive to be the best firm for our people and our clients!

-- Audrey Kwan

10/17/2015 - Once an applicant makes a non-frivolous argument that cited prior art is not enabling, the burden is placed upon the Patent Examiner to address that challenge. While affidavits or declarations may be proffered, they are not required. Read more. However, admissions in a patent application may support an Examiner's findings that prior art is enabled. Read more.

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